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Dec 01, 2003

Information Therapy

Beckie Kelly Schuerenberg. A Prescription For Information: A Seattle health care organization embraces new method for delivering patient education. Health Data Management, November 2003.

Group Health Cooperative...offers patients secure, Web-based access to their health data—such as lab results—from its site, along with links to information to further help them understand diseases, conditions and more.

“Many people view health care as a ‘black box’ operation where it’s difficult for consumers to know what’s going on and understand what things mean,” says [James Hereford, executive director of health informatics at Group Health Cooperative]. “People want to receive more information from their provider. They want information embedded into the care process...The Internet represents a way to extend the integration of health care information into patient care beyond the bricks and mortar of our facilities,” he says. “And the initiative is constantly evolving because we’re always reacting to new health care information.”

The Group Health Cooperative webpage is here.


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